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Tribal Court

Frequently Asked Questions

Asking the Judge a Question

  • If you have an open, active case at the court, you can file a motion to present new information or ask the judge a question or make a request to the court (if you want to open a new civil case, you would file a petition with the court).

Court Document Request

  • Copies of criminal history, civil and criminal orders, petitions and appellate opinions. The court will not release: drug and alcohol assessments; mental health evaluations; or beda?chelh cases.
  • Request forms are available at the Tulalip police department reception window.


  • You must request another copy from the Tulalip police department.

  • Before calling us, please double check your citation to see what amount you were fined.

  • It will go into default and you may be assessed a $25 failure to respond fee and a $50 court cost fine may be imposed.


  • No. You must call or mail a letter to the court and we will mail you the Motion for Deferral Exclusion packet. A hearing date will be set for you within 20 days to appear at court.

Exoneration of Bail

  • It depends on the situation. The tribal court must have possession of the check from either Marysville or Snohomish County before processing an exoneration which can take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks for the whole process before you get a check.
  • You request to the judge in open court or file a motion with the court to request the bail posted.
  • For ease of administration and to exclude fees charged for bonds.

Jail Costs

  • Only if you have a domestic violence case can the court take your per capita under the code. The court is otherwise only able to take per capita if it is requested by the client.