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Tulalip-Based Juvenile Diversion Panel (C.A.B.)

Since starting the juvenile diversion panel (known as the Community Accountability Board (C.A.B.)) in July 2010, the C.A.B. has heard over 100 cases so far. This diversion program is an alternative to the juvenile court process.

The C.A.B. meets monthly with Tribal member youths under the age of 18 years old who are arrested for minor offenses and are eligible for participation in the C.A.B. Objectives of the panel are to hold the youth accountable for their actions, foster a change in attitude, impress upon the youth the community is concerned about their conduct, increase awareness of their behavior, and to maximize opportunities for the youth.

Current C.A.B. member volunteers include: Lorna Ede-Onsel, Hilary Sotomish, Jim Kerney, Denise Hatch-Anderson, Rebecca Hungerford, Tosha Edwards, Lynnette Edge, Lou Ann Carter, Maureen Alexander, and Judge Ron Whitener. “We all want the youth to be positive, productive members for our community. The C.A.B. is a way to let the youth know that everyone makes mistakes when they are young and deserve a second chance while still holding them accountable for their actions,” said former C.A.B. member volunteer Angel Cortez.

The C.A.B. meets once a month from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM at the Tribal Court.