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Geographic Information Systems 

Tulalip Data Services - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


What type of project does the TDS software development group usually work on?
We usually work on web-based applications spread across multiple tiers. This includes both high-fidelity, dynamic websites and internal, function-specific websites. We also develop for Microsoft SharePoint and other large, enterprise class systems. Lastly, we develop custom productivity software for employees of the Tulalip Tribes.


I frequently have tasks that I need to perform over and over again. It seems like there should be a way to automate this or at least make the tasks a bit more streamlined; what should I do?
Great question. This is surprisingly common for employees who are looking for more efficient ways to do their work. We suggest contacting us at the following number, 360-716-5101, or email Someone will contact you and set up a meeting. During that initial meeting, we will discuss with you the tasks you want streamlined and formulate an approach to help solve the problem.


How does my department get a website presence on the Tulalip Tribe’s government website (
Great question. To begin the process of creating a web presence for your department on the Tulalip Tribes’ government website please call the following number, 360-716-5101, or email They will put you in contact with the right people to make this an easy process for you.


How does my department get a custom website presence of its own (not on the Tulalip Tribes’ government website)?
Requests for customized websites for a particular department must be approved by your general manager. We can help you through this process. Once your request has been approved, we will help you through the process of designing your “look and feel”, branding and site structure/content.

- You may also call the following number, 360-716-5101, or email They will put you in contact with the right people to make this an easy process for you.


What is GIS?
GIS, or Geographic Information Systems, is a collection of computer hardware, software, and geographic data for capturing, managing, analyzing, and displaying all forms of geographically-referenced information. All geographically-referenced information can be displayed on a map in the form of layers. Each layer depicts information about a topic of interest in a way that is user-friendly and easy to analyze. Therefore, maps can be utilized to improve decision-making processes through the visual representation of GIS data

To learn more about GIS, please visit


How is GIS used for the Tulalip Tribes?
Because a large part of the data we use on the Tulalip Reservation is linked to a geographic component (an address, a parcel, a road, etc.), GIS solutions greatly contribute to the effort to streamline operations. Utilizing GIS technology enables Tulalip departments and Board of Directors to extend the capabilities of the Tribes’ existing information infrastructure. Consequently, we are able to cut costs, enhance services, and allow various departments to operate as collaborative Tribal entity.

- To learn more about Tulalip Tribes’ GIS, please visit


What is GPS?
GPS, or Global Positioning Systems, is a worldwide radio navigation system formed from a constellation of 24 satellites and their ground stations. GPS interacts with these satellites as reference points to calculate positions which become data that can be used by GIS.


How do I contact Tulalip Tribes GIS?
We can be contacted either via email or phone: Tel: 360-716-5164 Email: