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                 The Tulalip Tribes is a federally recognized     enclose a land-base of 22,000 acres, more
                 Indian tribe located on the Tulalip              than 50 percent of which is in federal trust
                 Reservation in the mid-Puget Sound area          status. The Reservation is rich with natural
                 bordered on the east by Interstate 5 and         resources: marine waters, tidelands, fresh
                 the city of Marysville, Washington; on the       water creeks and lakes, wetlands, forests and
                 south by the Snohomish River; on the north       developable land. The Tulalip Reservation
                 by the Fire Trail Road (140th St.); and on       was reserved for the use and benefit of
                 the west by the waters of Puget Sound. The       Indian tribes and bands signatory to the
                 Tulalip Reservation exterior boundaries
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