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                  The Tulalip Tribes Services Directory aims to provide information on our departments’
                  programs and services, and eligibility requirements. The tribe provides many services to
                  its members including early learning/Montessori, higher education assistance, health
                  and dental clinics, a pharmacy, youth activities, a state-licensed chemical dependency
                  recovery program, mental health, senior retirement home, and cultural activities. Contact
                  information is included for each department if you have additional questions beyond
                  what is listed.

                  92% of our government services, tribal member entitlements, family and senior housing,
                  education, health and dental services, law enforcement, fire protection, infrastructure
                  improvements, and economic growth are funded from within.

                  We welcome your comments, suggestions, and ideas on ways to improve our services to
                  our tribal citizens and we are honored to serve you!

                                                                    t̕igʷicid (Thank you),

                                                                    Misty Napeahi
                                                                    General Manager

                  Tribal population statistics (as of January 2018)
                      Age       On Reservation    Off Reservation    Total

                      0–17           987                822         1,809
                     18–61          1,435              1,172        2,607

                      62+            213                124          337
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