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Asset Management

            MISSION: Promoting healthy families while
            honoring the laws, values, and traditions of the       Contact name:
            Tulalip Tribes.                                        Janet Taylor,
                                                                   Asset Management Manager

            SERVICES PROVIDED: Provide the Pendleton               Email:
            Blanket purchase orders for tribal members   
            when they turn 50.                                     Telephone:
            “ti kupihali” Coffee Kiosk, located on the 2nd
                                                                   Street address:
            floor of the Administration Building provides all      6406 Marine Dr
            of your favorite coffee beverages as well as great     Tulalip, WA 98271
            lunch and snacks. Open to employees as well as         Webpage:
            tribal members.                              

            ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: Open to all                  AssetManagement.aspx
            Tulalip tribal members for travel assistance.
            Members must be at least 50 years of age to
            qualify for a senior Pendleton blanket.

            FUNDING AGENCY: Indirect and tribal hard

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