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Looking back, we thank and honor

         some of our past leaders

                                            on the Tulalip Tribes Board
                                            of Directors from 1939 to
                                            1950, serving as the first
                                            Chairwoman in 1946. She was
                                            appointed Chief Judge during
                                            a period of time when court
                                            was held in her home. She
         William Shelton xʷəqidəb           is credited with revitalizing      Clarence Hatch Sr.
         (1869–1938) was credited with      the Salmon Ceremony. She           (1934–1992) was a self-
         keeping the Tulalip culture        donated the land on which          educated man yet he believed
         flourishing in the 1920s and       Tulalip Elementary was built       in promoting a higher
         1930s. He received permission      to keep the school local to        education for our youth
         from then Superintendent,          the reservation.                   and tribal employees. His
         Charles Buchanan, to build the                                        service to the Tulalip Tribes
         community longhouse on the                                            included work as a Board
         Tulalip Indian Reservation.                                           Member, Executive Director,
         He organized numerous                                                 and Services Manager. As
         public exhibitions to spotlight                                       Executive Director from 1979 to
         tribal culture as a way of                                            1992, he promoted impeccable
         educating the community.                                              work ethics and a dedication
         He was an accomplished                                                to provide the highest quality
         craftsman, carving canoes                                             of services to tribal members.
         and the 1912 story pole that       Stanley G. Jones Sr.               He had an open door policy
         once stood outside Tulalip         “Scho-Hallem” (b. 1926)            and strived to support all who
         Elementary School.                 served on the Tulalip Board        entrusted him with their needs.
                                            of Directors for approximately     Clarence possessed a deep
                                            41 years, with the first year      love and respect for the Tulalip
                                            of service in 1966. At that        community and was proud of
                                            time, the Tulalip Tribes           his Coast Salish ancestry.
                                            had three employees, all of
                                            whom worked in the Leasing
                                            Department. Bill Steve, who
                                            was the Tulalip Tribes first
                                            chairman, served alongside
         Harriette Shelton Dover            him at that time. Stan was also
         hayalc̓aʔ (1904–1991) was          an active participant in the
         the second female to serve         Boldt decision.
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