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Outdoor Burning

Need Information on Burn Permits?
Please contact Terry Grinaker at (360)651-4014.

Is Outdoor Burning Permitted?

► Yes, outdoor burning is permitted on the reservation, but general rules, adopted by the Tulalip Tribes, must be followed in order to ensure the safety of residents and their property. Federal air rules are also now in effect for the reservation, and are available on-line.

Are There Permits or Special Requirements?

► In some cases, you may be required to obtain a permit prior to conducting the burning. Consult the regulations to determine whether or not you need a permit.

► All outdoor burning is prohibited if the Tribes have called a Burn Ban for the reservation.

► Outdoor fires on shore or tidelands, held for the purpose of food preparation, tribal member fishing and/or tribal cultural or spiritual ceremonies, are permitted.

Are Fires for Cultural/Spiritual Activities or Campfires Exempt?

► Yes, fires conducted for tribal cultural purposes are exempt and do not require any permit or approval. Campfires are also exempt, provided they are conducted within designated campground or recreation areas.

What Are The Safety Requirements for Outdoor Fires?

► The Tribesí Air Quality Protection Ordinance lists several safety requirements for outdoor fires. These include:
  • The fire must consist of natural vegetation only resulting from maintenance of land immediately adjacent and in close proximity to a human dwelling.
  • Burning may only be conducted on the lands on which the materials originated.
  • The fire, of natural vegetation only, shall not contain rubber products, plastics, asphalt, garbage, dead animals, petroleum products, paints or similar materials that emit dense smoke or create offensive odors when burned.
  • The fire pile must not be larger than four (4) feet in diameter and three (3) feet in height.
  • A person capable of extinguishing the fire must be in attendance at all times and must fully extinguish the fire prior to leaving it.
  • No fires are to be within 50 feet of a structure(s) or within 50 feet from any forest trees.
  • Only one (1) pile may be burned at a time. Each pile must be fully extinguished before lighting another.
  • Burning may be conducted during daylight hours only.
  • Material to be burned must be placed on bare soil, green grass or other similar areas free of combustible material for a distance adequate to prevent the escape of fire.
  • A shovel and a garden hose connected to an adequate water supply must be present at the fire at all times. The hose must be able to reach at least 50 feet beyond the fire pile.
  • Burning must be done during periods of calm to very light winds, and conducive to minimizing any impact to others.
  • If in the discretion of the Fire District, the Tribes, or the Tribal Control Officer, the fire creates a nuisance from smoke or fly ash, it must be extinguished immediately. A nuisance exists when emissions from any open fire cause physical discomfort of health problems to people residing in the vicinity of the burning or physical damage to the property.

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