Tulalip Child Support Enforcement

Child Support can be confusing and often an emotional event for all parties involved. Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions section for more information. Please note these are generic questions people ask. Individual cases are unique. To get answers specific to your case, please contact Tulalip Child Support Enforcement. Our contact information is listed.

Services Provided

  • Promote accountability for financial, needs through enforcement of child support for the children
  • Ensure the non-custodial parent is satisfying the financial responsibility set by a court to provide the needs of the children
  • Maintain relationships with agencies or departments to enforce or set child support orders
  • Strengthening families through promoting responsible parenting by enforcing Child Support Orders and ensuring the needs of the children are met.

Other Helpful Information

Washington State Division of Child Support

Tulalip Liaison: Tony Ignacio
Phone: 360-805-8396
E-mail: tignacio@dshs.wa.gov
Website: Washington State DSHS - Division of Child Support

DCS (Division of Child Support)
840 N Broadway
Everett, WA 98201

  • If you or the child(ren) receive assistance from State Medical, TANF or Foster Care, and or Tribal TANF, the program will automatically send a referral to the Child Support programs to open a case to recoup funding.
  • Please fill out a child support application and submit it to the Tulalip Child Support Program by mail, fax, e-mail, or in person.
  • Different factors are accounted for to answer these questions. Please ask your Child Support Officers for specifics to your case.
  • In some cases, the State or Tribal Programs are paid first. However, the paying party should contact the Child Support Office to discuss.
  • In some cases, the State or Tribal Programs are paid first. Please contact the office to discuss your current case.
  • If there is an active order of Child Support, then the custodial parent will receive current child support.
  • Yes. If this I something you would like to do, please fill out the Modification Application. However, by filling this out, DOES NOT guarantee your child support will go up, it could go down or not change at all. It will all depend on the facts of the specific case.
  • Please fill out a child support MODIFICATION APPLICATION and submit it to the program.
    • The NCP (payer) might have more than one case they are paying on, and they do not make enough to satisfy the primary obligation
    • The arrears could be paid in full, and you are only receiving your basic obligation
    • The program is paying State or Tribal programs firsts
  • Please contact the State in which your child support case is open. If it is WA State, we can assist you in contacting them.
  • The program can only go off of factual income (income with proof). Please contact your Enforcement Officer with case-specific questions.
  • Child support and visitation are two different topics. Child Support can only address the Child Support matter.
  • Please contact the program by phone, email, or mail, to update your information.
  • Contact the Child Support Program. If it is the application you have lost, please fill out and submit a new one.
  • Please contact the Tulalip Child Support Program.

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