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All forms are located outside of our office for member’s convenience.

Services Provided:

  • Enrollment
  • Tribal ID
  • Copies of Birth Certificates, SS Cards, Marriage Certificates, other documents in your file.
  • Family Tree
  • Notary - Free
  • Enrollment Verification
  • Spousal ID
  • Tax Exempt Forms
  • Minor Trust Accounts

Tribal ID Card Fee Change: As of January 1, 2015 you can only receive one free tribal ID card in a calendar year January through December. After the one free ID card, they will cost $5.00. Please pay for tribal ID cards and spousal ID’s on the first floor at the cashier window.

Spousal ID Card Fee Change: As of January 1, 2015, the spousal ID card fee will be $40 for a new ID card and $20 for renewal. First time spousal cards require marriage certificate, spousal form with tribal member’s signature and ID. For spousal renewals asigned spousal form and ID is required. Spousal Cards will only be made on Thursdays.

Name Changes: For any name change for adults or minors, you need to change it with the Social Security office first. Otherwise our information does not match the IRS and the tribe will be fined at the end of the year (which is why this was implemented). Fill out an enrollment change form and include a copy of the Social Security Card reflecting the name change.

Address Changes:

  • Address changes must be in by the 18th of each month to ensure everything is updated by the 1st of the following month for per capita payments. All address changes must be in writing. They can be done in person, faxed to 360-716-0209 (be sure to sign the document) or emailed. If emailing, send to enrollment@tulaliptribes-nsn.gov. You must include the last four digits of your Social Security Number, your date of birth, and Tribal ID Number. For minors, you must include the previous address. Once we receive an emailed address change, we will respond by email so you know it was received.
  • 1099-MISC and Direct Deposit: For tribal members who utilize direct deposit for per capita payments, it's important to keep your address up to date in order to receive the 1099-MISC tax form. Please make sure to update your address ASAP or at beginning of January before they're printed. If you need a reprint once they're mailed, Finance will only reprint once a week.

FAQ Requirements and Process

  • Criteria for enrollment – MUST MEET ALL THREE

    • Must be born to a Tulalip Tribal Member, so at the time of the applicant's birth the parent had to have been enrolled with Tulalip.
    • The Tribal member parent had to resided on the Tulalip Reservation for at least 12 continuous months at anytime prior to the birth of the applicant and be able to prove it. Having proof is hard to do some times, so if you are living on the reservation please save any documents that contain your name, address, and a date. It could help with the enrollment of your children.
    • Unless adopted by non-tribal parents, they must apply before they are 25 years of age.

    * Please contact the office to get an application*

    • Complete application with all three notarized signatures, unless a parent is not named on birth certificate.
    • Original Certified Birth Certificate from Vital Statistics.
    • Copy of the Social Security Card.
    • Residency documents of Tulalip parent, to prove at least one year of residency, prior to applicant’s birth.
    • Marriage Certificate, Divorce Decree, Legal Name Change Documents – if applicable.
    • DNA - all Tulalip member parents - Any Tulalip mother and or father on the enrollment Application must do DNA. Contact CDACD for an appointment for testing 360-716-4153 or Centraldrugtestingcolorline@Tulaliptribes-nsn.gov

    ****Supporting documents are not limited to this list, the committee could request other documents if they deem it necessary.

    • The application will be prepared and forwarded the enrollment committee, prior to regular BOD meeting which is the first Saturday of every month.
    • If the application passes the committee it will be forward to the Board of Directors at the next regular Board meeting. If it is not passes and more information is need it will be sent back to staff and they will contact you.
    • The Board will vote on the application and if they approve the application then you are officially an enrolled Tulalip Tribal Member. You will be notified by phone and receive an official welcome letter.
    • Residency can be proven by getting a letter from Tulalip housing.
    • Bills, Letters, Statements, Pay Check Stubs, Leases ect. with your name, address, and date. A current document and then one dated back at least a year.
    • Residency Affidavits – statements that people make regarding your residency. Minimum requirement - 1 from family member and 2 from non or distant family members. We have forms available in the office and they must be notarized. The residency affidavits must have other accompanying residency documents.

    **** The committee can always ask for more documents regarding residency, these are only suggestions on how to prove your residency.

  • All address changes must be done in writing. They can be filled out on our form or just write a letter with the new address but make sure to sign and date it. Only the legal guardian can change the address of a minor. They can be done in person, faxed, mailed or e-mailed.

    If changing the address by email, you must include your name, date of birth, roll number and last 4 digits of your Social Security number. If for your children, we will need the child's date of birth, previous address and parent or guardian's last 4 digits of their Social Security number. You can email to enrollment@tulaliptribes-nsn.gov and we will reply once your address is changed.

  • Tribal ID's are available M-F 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM – Closed for lunch 12:00-1:00. The first ID for the year is free and after that they cost $5.00 each. Only the legal guardian can pick up an ID for a minor.

  • There is a form that can be filled out and turned into our office.

  • Spousal ID's are available on THURSDAY ONLY. There is a form that needs to filled out by the spouse and tribal member. The first one is $40 and it is good for one year from the issued date, to renew the ID the form must be filled out again and it is $20. The cards are only good for membership to the YMCA, tax exemption on the Tulalip reservation, free garbage disposal at Shelco and Tulalip employment hiring preference # 2.

  • In order to change the C/O on a minors check and profile, you will need to have a court document stating who has custody. If you are in the middle of the court proceedings, you can bring in the petition and the check will be held until the court determines who has custody.

FAQ Minor Trust Account-Parent Info

  • Yes, you will receive quarterly statements showing account balance and earnings. If you are not receiving a statement please call our office and check on the address – we have been getting some back in the mail.

  • Trust funds will be distributed within 30 days following the LATER of (1) your child's 18th birthday, or (2) the date your child receives a high school diploma or GED. Individuals not meeting the high school diploma/GED requirement will in any event receive their trust funds within 30 days of their 22nd Birthday.

  • In most circumstances, no. The only exceptions are: (1) if the minor has a terminal illness, or (2) the minor has a documented serious medical condition requiring long term care. The trust is restricted because other more basic health, education, and welfare needs of the child may be met though the parents electing to receive 50% of their child's per capita payment to provide for their child's needs.

  • The child's per capita funds may only be spent on the health, education, and welfare of the child. Also make sure you file taxes on the portion you receive as a parent. The minor will need to do their own taxes.

  • 100% of the child's per capita funds will be placed in the minor’s trust.

  • Option B Aggressive is the default option, if you did not choose and investment option this is where the money is invested. You can change the investment option once a year in February. A reminder will be sent out to everyone with a statement showing the difference in the options. You can get information on the options from the enrollment office.

  • Yes, and this in not permanent. You can change this before each per capita, but it must be done 10 business days prior to the distribution. You can have any amount over 50% put into trust. This can help if you have to pay in on your kids taxes instead of giving more to IRS, you can give more to your child. Only the legal guardian can change the amounts.

FAQ Minor Trust Account-Beneficially Info

  • 1) Forms are available that the tribal member must sign and have notarized. The forms need to be returned to the enrollment office. After you turn the form it will take about a week to two weeks and you will get it in the mail. 2) Bring proof of GED or diploma. 3) Bring a bank statement with your account and routing numbers. 4) Provide proof of a financial education class.

  • You are able to receive 25% for 4 years of your trust. Once you apply the first time you can apply the next year in that same month as the 1st withdrawal.

  • Yes, A member can go before the trust committee and request the full lump sum or portion. The committee will make a recommendation to the Board of Directors who have discretion to determine if the member should receive the full trust account at one time.

    • All request must be done in writing with a full explanation of how the money is to be spent.
    • The money can be requested if a young adult is purchasing a home and or land, cover school cost, medical bills/care, starting a business, or rolling to a private trust plan.
    • Below is the link to sign Up at:
    • Once you do the registration and you need to get back on the site use one of this link:
    • Complete the below listed modules and read, watch movie, do interactive part, take quiz at the end. You will need to get 70% or higher on the quizzes; they can be retaken until you get the higher percentage if needed.
      • Course Pre test
      • Financial Psychology
        • Dream and Goals
        • Changing Your Financial Behavior
      • Budgeting
        • Wants and Needs
        • Let’s Learn to Budget
        • Major Purchases: Auto
      • Account Management
        • Bank Basics
      • Credit
        • What is Credit
      • Risk
        • How Insurance Policies work
      • Economic and Government
        • Income Taxes
      • Investments and Personal Financial Planning
        • Risk vs. Reward
    • Once complete all the sessions YOU MUST EMAIL OR CALL US so we know to check on it because there is NOT an automatic notification that you completed the sessions.
  • In October 2020 the Board of Directors created a Youth Under the Age of 18 Tax Free Deferred Long Term Dependent Assistance program, this funds will not be taxed at the time of distribution. Per Capita Payments will taxed that are over $12,550 per the IRS Guidelines, the scale is in the distribution packet.

  • The trust funds will be distributed to the next of kin in the following order or priority: Spouse, children, parents, siblings, grandparents. Youth over 18 can fill out a beneficiary form if they want funds to be distributed in a different manor.

  • Yes, minors who have a court order of emancipation will receive their per capita payments directly. However, all funds accumulated in their trust accounts prior to emancipation will remain in trust until their eligibility date (18 or HS diploma/GED).

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