The Tulalip Tribes are a federally recognized tribe
and successors in interest to the Snohomish,
Snoqualmie, Skykomish, and other allied tribes and
bands that signed the 1855 Treaty of Point Elliott.

Custodial Maintenance

The custodial team has the ongoing goal of becoming a green and sustainable department to ensure cleaning for health within government facilities. A staff of 35 provide for the janitorial needs of tribal facilities.

Services provided:

  • Provide custodial maintenance and floor care for 28 facilities
  • Provide dining products to the government departments
  • Provide dining supplies for community events and funerals
  • Deliver commodities to Seniors and Elders
  • Set up and break down for events and funerals
  • Provide paper delivery service to tribal government
  • Assist with facility rentals
  • Provide care packages to our bereaved families
  • Transport funeral flowers
  • Transport meals for the tribal cook
  • Provide coffee services for tribal government departments
  • Serve as a part of the government emergency response
  • Serve as a part of the government inclement weather team

Department history:

The department began with two employees, Wes and Tiny Charles who cleaned the old tribal administration building at night. They were later replaced by Troy and Caty Queen (another husband and wife team). As the group grew and began day work, Marvin Jones and George Taylor were hired. Soon, the team acted as a solid waste department for tribal buildings and attendants at the tribal dump. They cared for the cemetery, helped at funerals and assisted at events. As the tribe grew and other departments formed, the custodial team moved forward in doing what they do best – cleaning the tribal government buildings and providing other services as noted above.

For bereaved families:

The Custodial Department provides care packages to bereaved families that include dining supplies, cutlery, cups, facial tissue, large garbage bags, tables and chairs. It helps families gather as they send their loved ones on their journey and eases their burden. The team also transports floral arrangements, assists with operating equipment during funeral services, and provides cleanup of facilities.


Contact Name:
Terry Davis, Custodial Manager