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Tulalip Marina

The Tulalip Tribes have leased berthage space for commercial fishermen. There are 72 slips available for lease, with a long-standing waiting list. Additionally, the marina provides docking for Tulalip Tribes members who own and operate vessels as part of the commercial fleet.

Lessees have access to the loading dock and the use of cranes for their needs during Tribal commercial and subsistence fisheries under the Point Elliott Treaty. There is a dry storage facility available for lessees to work on their vessels and for winter storage as needed.

The Port of Tulalip also offers haul out and launch services for the Tribal Fleet and monitors dock safety within our port. Vessel safety is also monitored, but it is the lessee's responsibility to ensure their vessel's safety within our port.

Additionally, the Port of Tulalip provides a boat launch that is available to Tulalip Tribes members for use at no charge.

The Tulalip Marina Store

At the Tulalip Marina Store, boat owners can find a range of supplies to help them with minor repairs and maintenance of their vessels. You can find gloves, headlamps, and other essential tools to keep your boat in top condition. In addition, the store offers a selection of nonperishable items such as chips, candy, Cup of Noodles, sports drinks, soda, and energy drinks to keep you fueled up and refreshed. With many items available, you can easily find everything you need at the Tulalip Marina Store.


April – November (Fishing season)
Monday - Friday 7:00 am to 7:00 pm

November – April (Winter hours)
Monday through Friday 7:00 am to 5:00 pm


Contact name:
Jonathan Dill, Port Master

7411 Tulalip Bay Drive
Tulalip WA, 98271

Desk Phone:

Cell Phone:

Security Phone: