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Family Haven


Through positive beliefs in families, while offering consistent support, we provide opportunities for youth and family wellness and empowerment.

  • Teen Outreach Program: A program that provides intensive outreach support for Native youth ages 12 to 24 who are dealing with suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety, and substance abuse disorder. We encourage youth and young adults to reengage with school, the community, their families, and community resources. Our outreach program provides support for youth and young adults develop positive and healthy relationships with others around them and within their community. We mentor with the goal of improving mental wellness and help youth learn coping skills that can be used on a daily basis.
  • Life Skills Program: A program that provides life skills for native youth aged 15-22 who have been in foster care or extended foster care. The program can help with things like:
    • Setting up bank accounts, establishing credit & budgeting
    • Obtaining a Social Security Card & Birth certificate
    • Finding housing, job and building a resume
    • GED completion, exploring education and colleges
  • Intellectual and/or Developmental Disability, Birth to 18 Program: A program that will help you establish a plan that supports your family goals, coordinate resources, educational opportunities, to being a confident advocate for your child. We are here to assist you through the different application processes: programs, SSI, DDA, Tribal disability, funding opportunities, and provide you with access to playgroups, outings and Tribal Support Groups. We are here to support you from first concerns to adulthood. We work with different Tribal Departments to provide equitable access to cultural events. Family Haven’s goal is for all families with special needs to feel heard, seen, and supported as an individual and a valued Tulalip Tribal member.
  • MOMs Group: Tulalip Tribes MOMs (Making Opportunities for Moms) Group is a community support group that meets every Tuesday at 11am. This weekly group is for women raising Tulalip or other Native children. It gives moms an opportunity to laugh and learn. Moms are able to earn baby bucks each week to purchase essential items for baby and family at MOMs Group store, held quarterly. Each week an educational topic is presented, chosen according to the needs and wants of the participants.
  • Parenting Classes: Family Haven Parenting classes provide parents with hands on material to help motivate and encourage positive communication with their children. Each session is culturally sensitive by blending content from Positive Indian Parenting and Skills for Successful Parenting: The eleven-session class strives to improve family relationships while providing guidance to raising children.
  • Family Spirit Home Visiting Program: Family Spirit is a culturally focused, strengths-based program that helps support families. Parents gain knowledge and skills to promote healthy development and positive lifestyles for themselves and their children. The program serves tribal families who are pregnant up to the child’s 3rd birthday.

  • Services listed below are only available to families working with Beda?chelh:

  • Family Preservation Program: This department provides Family Preservation Services, Incredible Years (In Home), Promoting First Relationships, SafeCare and Triple P. The service is usually 3-4 months but can end early if agreed upon goals are completed. Each family will have goals and a structured agenda for weekly appointments. This is an In-Home Contract between The Tulalip Tribes and DSHS/DCYF. All referrals come from beda?chelh or the state CPS/Child Welfare Programs.
    The support services provided by these programs include:
    • Crisis management and intervention, including after hours and weekends as needed
    • Budgeting, organizing household, meal planning
    • Helping families achieve compliance with services
    • Accessing community resources including Tribal, State and Federal resources
    • Problem solving school issues for students
    • Teaching developmentally appropriate parenting techniques and discipline strategies
    • Promoting strong parent/child bonds between parents and their younger children
  • Family Visitation Services: A program that facilitates visits between parents involved with beda?chelh and their children or for siblings in different placements. Services may include transportation of the child to the scheduled visit with the parent(s) or siblings. Family Haven’s goal is to provide timely, consistent visits for maintaining relationships.