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Tribal Court

Vision: The Tulalip Tribal Court supports the Tribes' vision, "together we create a healthy and culturally vibrant community," in its practice of judicial excellence.

Mission: To professionally, effectively and fairly administer justice to the Tulalip community as an essential sign of sovereignty.

Functions: Ensure access to justice; ensure due process; administer timely case flow management; file, prepare and process new filings and court orders; record all court proceedings; maintain jury pool; process and track fine payments; prepare court docket; and provide public information.


  • Chief Judge, Ron J. Whitener
  • Judge Remy Stephanson Leonard
  • Judge Leona Colegrove
  • Judge Janine B. VanDusen

Tribal Court Staff:

  • Court Director, Alicia Horne
  • Court Financial Coordinator, Annie Moses
  • Interim Court Administrator, Dawn Sallee
  • Wellness Court Coordinator, Hilary Sotomish
  • Administrative Assistant, Stephanie Cultee

Court Specialists:

  • Te’Ann Craig
  • Alicia Budd
  • Angela McDonald
  • Michelle Cortez
  • Andrea Addison

Community Supervision Office Staff:

  • Records Clerk, Jessica Marker
  • CSO Specialist, Evangelina McGill
  • Pre-Trial Services Officer, Thomas Goepfert

What Do I Do If I Don't Have an Attorney?

If you don't have an attorney, please visit the attorney section. Depending on the type of case you are in Court for the following options may help you:

  • Attorney List of Tulalip Tribal Court attorneys admitted to practice:

Download the 2019 Tulalip Law and Justice Brochure The Brochure provides information on the various law and order programs and services on the Reservation. Visit Tulalip Justice History for more documents about Tribal Court.