Tax and Licensing

Mission Statement

Provide the Tulalip community with the services necessary to achieve the Tribes’ vision for Reservation lands while protecting public health, safety and general welfare while asserting tribal authority over the Reservation to include licensing and taxing and public transportation.


Tax and Licensing provides for the safety, health and welfare of the Tulalip Tribes and the general Tulalip community by ensuring businesses operating within the boundaries of the Tulalip reservation are conducted fairly and in compliance with Tulalip law and by administering Tulalip tax laws to generate tax revenues for the funding of governmental services.

  • Ensures that businesses operating within the boundaries of the Tulalip Reservation are conducted fairly and in compliance with Tribal laws, performs license-related inspections, and administers licenses under the Tulalip Liquor, Cigarette, Business, Food, Transient Accommodation, and Fireworks License Titles and Regulations
  • Administers Tribal titles and regulations governing, sales or use, and restaurant privilege taxes
  • Collects sales or use, and food, beverage, and liquor taxes
  • Responsible for civil enforcement activities pursuant to tax and licensing titles and regulations
  • Code Enforcement assists the TLD in ensuring compliance with the Licensing codes and licensing conditions

Tax and Licensing Administration

General licenses and taxes administered and collected by the Tax and Licensing Division:

Tax and Licensing

  • Business Licenses
    • General
    • Home
    • Special Events
    • Peddlers
  • Liquor Licenses
    • Liquor by the Drink
    • Retail Packaged Beer and Wine
    • Banquet License
  • Food Permits
  • Cigarette Licenses
  • Fireworks Licenses
    • Retail
    • Wholesale
  • Transient Accommodation Licenses
  • Sales or Use Tax
  • Restaurant & Privilege Tax

Tax and Licensing Forms

Codes and Regulations

Tax and Licensing Codes/Titles

  • Title 10.10 — Business Licensing
  • Title 10.15 — Tax code
  • Title 10.25 — Fireworks Code
  • Title 10.35 — Liquor Licenses
  • Title 10.40 — Hotel Transient Accommodation Licensing
  • Title 11.20 — Food Service Sanitation
  • Title 12.05 — Sales and Use Tax
  • Title 12.10 — Cigarette Tax
  • Title 12.25 — Restaurant Privilege Tax
  • Title  1.30 — Government Motor Vehicle Licensing and Registration

View the full list of ordinances and codes to see details on each ordinance.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Tulalip Business License Code #10.10 Section 5.1 requires that all persons operating any business for profit or conducting any other revenue generating activity within the boundaries of the Tulalip Indian Reservation must first obtain a Tulalip Business License from the Tulalip Tribes Tax and Licensing Division.
  • The standard processing time is fifteen (15) business days; however annual renewals may take up to thirty (30) days. Applications submitted in person will be provided with a receipt that acts as a temporary business license for ten (10) consecutive days from the date of submittal.
  • Applications are available on this webpage to the Tax and Licensing Forms section above. Please follow the directions on the front cover of the forms. Applications may be submitted electronically to, by mail, or in person at Tulalip Tribes Administration, 6406 Marine Drive NW, Tulalip, WA, 98271. License fees vary based on the type of license you are applying and whether you are applying for a new license or renewing an existing license.
  • As a federally recognized Indian tribal government, the Tulalip Tribes has legal authority to levy taxes within its jurisdiction. This authority is set out in the Constitution and Bylaws of the Tribes and approved by the federal government of the United States in 1935. The Tribes levies taxes on a number of activities occurring within its jurisdiction and has been doing so for many decades.
  • These tax dollars will be incorporated into the Tribes’ government general fund and used to provide services to the community on or near the Tulalip Reservation.


  • Complaints are handled by the Tribal Code Enforcement Specialist and can be made by a community member, business representative, or staff member via phone 360-716-4215, email, or letter. Complaints and the information collected during an investigation, including complainant's name, nature of complaint, inspection results, phone calls, written and electronic correspondence, citations, and photos concerning the case/ investigation is information protected by the Tulalip Tribes and kept confidential.
  • Both, Planning Department and Tribal GIS departments can to assist in obtaining copies for requests of detailed maps of the Tulalip Reservation.

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