Childrens Advocacy Center


Our community stands together to eliminate all forms of abuse.

To provide education, advocacy, and a multi-disciplinary response to decrease re-traumatization of children who are victims of crime.

Why a Children's Advocacy Center?
Children are among the most vulnerable members of our community. When a child is abused, we are here to provide safety, justice, and healing.

Whom do we serve?
The Tulalip Children’s Advocacy Center serves children (and their non-offending family) who are victims of, or witnesses to a crime such as sexual abuse, physical abuse, or severe neglect.

What do we do?
Our goal is to streamline the investigative and prosecution process of child abuse cases in a victim-centered, trauma-informed way. We do this by collaborating with those who may be involved in the case such as policing agencies, forensic medical examiners, child welfare, and those involved in the legal system.

“Protecting Children ◊ Promoting Healing”
"Children are our future.
They are our hope.
They are the answers to our prayers.
No child should have to endure
the pain of abuse and neglect.
The reality is, it does happen.
It is the job of each person to see that it happens less and to
help those who suffer from its pain."

--Wind River Child Advocacy Center

Services Offered

  • An important part of the healing process is access to a trained therapist. All Therapy services are provided with zero out-of-pocket expenses.

  • To help navigate services and systems – Our advocates support child victims and families throughout the entire process through emotional support, resource identification, and providing victims’ rights information.
  • A forensic interview is a victim-centered, structured conversation used to gather detailed about the abuse that has happened or been witnessed by a child ages 4-17.

  • A collaboration of institutions such as law enforcement, child protective services, mental health, medical health, and victim advocacy designed to effectively respond to child abuse.

  • The Tulalip Children’s Advocacy Center offers various provider and community trainings around the issues of child abuse, prevention, and safety.

What are your rights as a victim?

    • Be believed and respected
    • Skillful forensic interviews and medical exams
    • Competent law enforcement investigators
    • Be safe
    • Receive support and advocacy
    • Culturally appropriate support and services
    • Services to assist in the healing process
    • Victim compensation funds
    • Have adults work together to minimize the trauma experienced from abuse


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