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Master Address Inventory
Verify addresses on the reservation (including non-tribal lands) and create address points that locate main structures.

  • This data is useful for police, Tulalip Bay and Marysville Fire Districts, Broadband, Community Development, Pharmacy, schools and many other departments.
  • Standardized address data that comply with Census LUCA (Local Update Census Address) program to assist the U.S. Census Bureau with completion of the 2010 census.

Cemetery Mapping
Collect marker locations of cemetery lots and headstone information using a GPS device and create an interactive mapping system that maintenance department can administer cemetery data without depending on paper drawings.

  • Organize and visualize cemetery data easily (lot ownership and grave).
  • Preserve cemetery data in digital format and identify undocumented burials.

3D Hotel Location Analysis
Create 3D images of buildings (hotel, casino, amphitheatre, mall) and analyze a better hotel location (north or south) by shadow casting analysis.

  • Hotel location was determined by this project!