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The Washington State Tribal State Court Consortium (TSCC) is a joint effort between state and tribal court judicial officers and other judicial branch members to expand communication and collaboration with each other. Additionally, the TSCC provides an open, transparent forum where state and tribal court judicial officers can come together and discuss jurisdictional issues, gaps in services, and ways to develop lasting partnerships. The TSCC is focusing its efforts on domestic violence and sexual assault issues, dependency cases involving Indian children, and the disproportionate number of Indian youth in the juvenile justice system.

On June 1, 2018 the Tulalip Tribal Court hosted the Washington State Tribal-State Court Consortium regional meeting. There were 32 participants - 13 Tribal Court Judges, 16 State Superior Court Judges, and 3 Supreme Court Justices represented. Jennifer Walter, consultant with the Tribal Law & Policy Institute, and staff from the California Tribal Forum discussed Consortium structures and subject areas for problem solving such as: Child Welfare, Domestic Violence, The School to Prison Pipeline, Bail reform, and Trafficking. Information, pictures, and presentation materials on the event can be found HERE.

Additional information on the Washington State Tribal State Court Consortium can be found HERE.