Street address:
6332 31st Ave NE, Suite A
Tulalip, WA 98271

Phone: 360-716-4153

CDACD Department

Mission: CDACD is committed to promoting and maintaining drug free environments using the best practices and most quality efficient methods that science, medicine, and technology have to offer.

  • DNA testing for enrollment purposes
  • Urine Collection
  • Hair Specimen Collection
  • Drug Testing on Homes
  • Facilitate and ensure compliance with CDACD last chance agreements
  • Enforce the Drug Free Workplace Code known as Chapter 9.35
What are the most frequently asked question(s) received by your department?
Q. How long after testing does it take to receive a result?
A. Between 1-5 days, depending on results.

Q. Which drugs do you test for?
A. CDACD has a list of all drug panels we test for depending on the reason

Q. Is my job Safety Sensitive?
A. “Safety Sensitive Positions” means positions in which an employee’s primary job responsibility includes the following:
A. Provides transportation
B. Operates Tulalip vehicles, vessels, and/ or vehicles owned by customers/ guests/
C. Operates or performs maintenance of machinery or equipment
D. Preforms security, surveillance, or law enforcement job duties.