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Child Support Enforcement

Child support is something fairly new in Indian Country. Currently, there are only 16 Tribes in the United States that are operating their own child support program. In the last 6 years, those Tribal Child Support Programs have collected over 68 million dollars. 24 Tribes are in the start-up phase, which means they are creating a child support program unique to their Tribe. Many of those Tribes anticipate opening their offices in 2008. Tulalip anticipates being able to take cases in early 2009.

Child Support can be confusing and often and emotional event for all parties involved. Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions. Please note these are generic questions people ask. Individual cases are unique. To get answers specific to your case, please contact Washington State Child Support or Tulalip Child Support Enforcement.

For more information about the Child Support Program please take a look at this informational flyer.

For more information on paternity testing services please take a look at this paternity flyer.

Services Provided

  • Promote accountability for financial, medical access through enforcement of child support for the children
  • Ensure the non-custodial parent is satisfying the financial responsibility set by a court to provide the needs of the children
  • Maintain relationships with agencies or departments to enforce or set child support orders

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