Contact name:
Community Health Department - haʔɬ sʔibəš

Phone: 360-716-5662


7615 Totem Beach Rd, Building A
Tulalip WA 98271

Tulalip Community Health Department - haʔɬ sʔibəš

MISSION: Empowering individuals toward better health by helping them see the relationship between spiritual balance, emotional balance, physical balance and true well-being.

VALUES: The Tulalip Community Health Department- haʔɬ sʔibəš values the health and wellbeing of all in our community; we value the ability of each individual and each family member to make progress in setting and achieving goals, from the first beat of the heart until the last.

GOAL: The Tulalip Community Health Department- haʔɬ sʔibəš (Good Journey) has the goal to work alongside individuals and families to work through difficult transitions in life to promote independently sustainable healthy families. We will build collaborations that focus on prevention by supporting policies and environmental changes that promote healthy eating and active living in neighborhoods, schools, and workplaces.

VISION: The Tulalip Community Health Department- haʔɬ sʔibəš will help the Tulalip community through disease prevention and promoting healthy living through an emphasis on reaching people who experience the greatest burden of death, disability, substance abuse, mental health issues, and suffering from chronic diseases.

Current Community Health Department - haʔɬ sʔibəš Programs::
  • CHR Specialist Program: Community Health Resource Specialists support basic health care and health instruction in Indian homes and communities through advocacy. They are advocates for the clients’ healthcare and medical needs to promote health and well-being and provide education that promotes self-advocacy.
  • Hospital Liaison Program: Assist hospitalized patients with coordinating healthcare services, discharge planning, and community connections to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals and families in the community.
  • Community Health Nurse Program: Provide education within the community to benefit the overall health of the Tulalip community, including vaccination clinics and hospital discharge follow-up visits.
  • Public Health Program: Creates healthier environments for the tribal community by working with necessary tribal programs to promote health education, healthy behaviors, and safe communities.
  • Prevention Education Program: providing education and resources on multiple topics concerning the health of the community; manages the Nicotine Replacement Therapy program (formerly known as Smoking Cessation); promotes community health through involvement in community events and outreach.
  • WIC: The Tulalip Health Clinic WIC office provides nutrition and breastfeeding support and education as well as checks for foods and referrals to local resources.
ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS: Must be registered for care at the Tulalip Health Clinic, a member of a federally recognized American Indian/Alaskan Native residing in Snohomish County. This program also services individuals who are pregnant with a baby who will meet either of the previous requirements who reside in Snohomish County.