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Tulalip Minors Trust

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Will I get statements of my children's trust accounts?  Yes, you will receive quarterly statements showing account balance and earnings. If you are not receiving a statement please call our office and check on the address – we have been getting some back in the mail.
  2. When will the trust funds be distributed to my child?  Trust funds will be distributed within 30 days following the LATER of (1) your child's 18th birthday, or (2) the date your child receives a high school diploma or GED. Individuals not meeting the high school diploma/GED requirement will in any event receive their trust funds within 30 days of their 21st Birthday.
  3. Can a parent/guardian make an early withdrawal of their child's trust account funds?  In most circumstances, no. The only exceptions are: (1) if the minor has a terminal illness, or (2) the minor has a documented serious medical condition requiring long term care. The trust is restricted because other more basic health, education and welfare needs of the child may be met though the parents electing to receive 50% of their child's per capita payment to provide for their child's needs.
  4. If a parent receives 50% of their child's per capita, what may the funds be spent on?  The child's per capita funds may only be spent on the health, education and welfare of the child.
  5. What happens to trust funds if a child dies prior to disbursement?  The trust funds will be distributed to the next of kin in the following order or priority: Spouse, children, parents, siblings, grandparents.
  6. How will per capita funds be handled for children placed in court ordered beda?chelh custody? 100% of the child's per capita funds will be placed in the minor’s trust.
  7. Are emancipated minors entitled to receive per capita payments directly?  Yes, minors who have a court order of emancipation will receive their per capita payments directly. However, all funds accumulated in their trust accounts prior to emancipation will remain in trust until their eligibility date (18 or HS diploma/GED).
  8. What happens to the trust fund if I relinquish my child's Tulalip membership?  Upon relinquishment, the child will stop receiving any funds into their trust account. Funds in the trust account accumulated prior to relinquishment will remain in trust until the minor becomes eligible to receive the funds(18 or HS diploma/GED).
  9. Who can I contact if I have questions about the trust account? Enrollment 360-716-4300.
  10. Once I am 18 and have a High School Diploma or GED how do I get the money out of trust? Forms are available that the tribal member must sign and have notorized. The forms need to be returned to the enrollment office. After you turn the form it will take about a week to two weeks and you will get it in the mail. **If you do not have a bank account go to First Heritage to cash because it's an out of state check and any bank will put a 5 day hold on the check before they will cash it.
  11. Can I change the investment option from Option A – Conservative to Option B – Aggressive? Where can I get information on what each one of the options? You can change the investment option once a year in February. A reminder will be sent out to everyone with a statement showing the difference in the options. You can get information on the options from the enrollment office.
  12. Can I put all of the check in trust? How often can I change this? Yes, and this in not permanent. You can change this before each per capita, but it must be done 10 business days prior to the distribution. You can have 50% go to trust or 100%. Only the legal guardian can change the amounts.
  13. Can I have taxes withheld? You can elect to have 0-10% taxes taken out at the time of distribution.


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