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Planning Department

Mission Statement

Provide the Tulalip community with the services necessary to achieve the Tribes’ vision for Reservation lands while protecting public health, safety and general welfare while asserting tribal authority over the Reservation to include land use, prepare, update, and implement long-range plans, as well as support the functions of the Tulalip Planning Commission.

Planning Department Overview:


  • Prepares, updates and implements land use plans, development regulations and maps, including the Tribal Comprehensive Plan Land Use codes (Title No. 7), and On-Site Sewage Treatment and Disposal codes (Title 13.2).
  • Collaborates with departments on land use issues affecting the Reservation.
  • Monitors and responds to development proposals and proposed plans and regulations affecting the Reservation that are initiated under the jurisdiction of state, local and federal agencies.
  • Provides staff support to the Tulalip Planning Commission by advising the Commission of technical and legal information to allow for informed and consistent decision-making.
  • Processes permits and land use applications, including building, grading, and on-site sewage (septic) permits, subdivisions, rezones, variances, lot line adjustments and conditional use permits.
  • Ensures safe drinking water supplies and regulates on-site sewage systems.

Code Enforcement

  • Ensures compliance with Tribal Codes, permit conditions
  • Works closely with the Building Official, Police Department, Planning Department, and Tax & Licensing Department.

Permitting Application Forms

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the development regulations for my property (do I need to get a permit)?
A: Contact the Planning Department for additional information.
Q: What types of permits does the Planning Department issue?
A: Permits are issued for building, grading, wells, on-site sewage systems, subdivisions, rezones, variances, lot line adjustments, demolitions, and conditional uses.
Q: How do I apply for a permit?
A: Applications are available on this webpage to the Permitting Applications Forms section above. Please follow the directions on the front cover of the forms. Applications may be submitted electronically to, by mail, or in person at Tulalip Tribes Administration, 6406 Marine Dr., Tulalip, WA, 98271.
Q: How much does a permit cost?
A: Please contact the Planning Department for permit fee information at 360-716-4214.
Q: How long does the permit process take?
A: Simpler applications can take up to four weeks to review. Complex applications can take more than three months to review.
Q: Which jurisdiction is involved in the permitting process?
A: Tulalip Tribes has permitting jurisdiction over lands located within the exterior boundaries of the Tulalip Indian Reservation, regardless ownership. Any permit issued by the Tulalip Tribes addresses requirements for compliance only with Tulalip Tribal laws. The Tulalip Tribes makes no representation regarding any additional requirements imposed by any other jurisdiction or government, and it is the applicant's sole responsibility to comply with any applicable law of any other jurisdiction.
Q: How do I file a complaint about construction or business activity on the Tulalip Reservation?
A: Contact Code Enforcement at 360-716-4215.
Q: Where can I get a map of the reservation or specific are/lot on the reservation?
A: Contact the Mapping (GIS) Department at 360-716-5164.


Tulalip - County Collaboration

Snohomish County is considering a legislative proposal that will improve Tribal - County relations regarding land use.
Tulalip Tribes – Snohomish County Collaboration on Planning Department webpage.

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