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Tulalip Forfeitures

About Forfeitures

The Tulalip Tribes gives notice that the property below, listed in the official notification publication, was seized for forfeiture pursuant to Tulalip Tribal Code (TTC) Title 2 Tribal Justice System Article 2.15. **The names of persons of businesses appearing in this notice are not necessarily criminal defendants or suspects, nor does the appearance of their names in this notice necessarily mean that they are the target of any investigations or other activities.** Failure to timely respond may result in a default judgment and forfeiture of the property for the the benefit of the Tulalip Tribes.

Official Notification Publication

The official notification publication is a PDF document that can be accessed by clicking on the "Official View of all Public Notices (PDF)". This document is a compilation of all pending forfeiture notifications.

Official View of All Public Notices for Forfeitures