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Geographic Information System

The GIS (Geographic Information System) group uses GIS technology as a tool to assist in the storage, analysis and presentation of data and associated attributes which are spatially referenced to the earth. Using the latest GPS technology, the GIS group can create accurate and informative spatial data. The group is responsible for performing tasks such as spatial analysis, map production and management of a growing spatial database. When put in the hands of decision makers, this critical information can be used to analyze challenges and provide solutions concerning land management, planning, demographics and natural resources.

The Tulalip GIS Center offers all the services required to create a variety of maps with a host of features in various sizes and formats. These services may be requested individually or collectively.

Services Provided:

  • Data Collection: Our team uses sub-foot Trimble GPS (global positioning system) tools to accurately capture the location of features required to construct the desired maps.
  • Digitizing: We offer digitizing of blueprints, historical maps, CAD drawings and other documents so that the desired information can be precisely placed on a map and subsequently retrieved.
  • Map Creation: We utilize state-of-the-art mapping technology from ESRI, the world leader in GIS modeling and mapping software and technology. Our custom-made maps can be utilized by end-users as effective decision-support tools in order to devise solutions for specific issues.
  • Plotting: A picture is worth a thousand words. Using a high-resolution, wide-format plotter, we can provide hard copy maps in a variety of sizes which can be used for presentations, planning and on-site use.
  • Database Design and Implementation: We analyze attribute data and determine the optimal way in which it should be structured and used in a spatial context.
  • Customizing Map Applications

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Tulalip GIS
7411 Tulalip Bay Drive
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